Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Please contact the college for any additional questions.

Is there a charge for the card?

Students, Faculty and Staff are not charged for their initial card.

How long will it take once my Online Application is submitted?

Once you have received your acceptance email with your MCCC student ID number, you will have access to upload a photo for your student ID card.

What is the largest file size I can upload?


What photo file types do you accept?

JPEG and HEIC file types.

What happens if the photo I supply does not meet the requirements specified by the card?

Your application for a card will be delayed. You will receive an email indicating the reason why the photo was not acceptable and will have to either re-upload another picture or visit Enrollment Services to have your photo taken.

How do I get a replacement card?

If you lose your access card, immediately contact Enrollment Services to have your card deactivated and marked lost. You will need to stop by Enrollment Services to have a new access card issued.

What happens if my card is lost?

Please contact Enrollment Services by email at to have your access card deactivated. If you find your access card at a later time, please contact Enrollment Services to activate your card again. If for any reason, your access card is lost/stolen/damaged, please stop by Enrollment Services to have a new access card issued.

I have a question not listed here, who can I email?